Bring a Sense of Renewal to your Space


With more and more time being spent in the home, the look and feel of it has become even more important to us. With this change comes an opportunity for growth. Most feel that it’s time to bring Renewal to our space and color holds the key to a renewed sense of self. Here are three 2022 color trends that we have found that you can use for inspiration in your own home. 

The Bold  shawmark-2022-Inspiration-1TheBalanced.png

Be bold: Find renewal at home with colorful moments of self-expression. 
Seize the opportunity for intentional personal expression. Find your voice with colors that embrace the individual. 

bold | impact | culture artful | expressive | intellectual | vibrant | spice | character | diverse 

  • Eclectic and curated style that layers various design styles and cultural elements in a bold and courageous way. 

  • Artwork is important for color, form and expression. 

  • Cultural elements and items tell a story of identity or experience

  • Pattern returns to many surfaces 

  • Finishes like brass, wood, velvet, glass, iron, wool mix and merge inconsistently 



The Grounded  shawmark-2022-Inspiration-3TheGrounded.png

Embrace practical indulgence with colors that support casual living. Currently in focus: Casual living. Emphasis on what matters - family and friends. Unprocessed, raw and relaxed. 

organic | unrefined | unprocessed | natural | raw | relaxed | casual | simple | pure | homespun 

  • Raw, natural and organic with neutrals as the foundation of the home 

  • Casual luxury 

  • The homespun feel of farmhouse evolves in a modern way 

  • Authentic material and natural texture creates a grounded home. 

  • Handmade, crafted elements are celebrated 




The Balanced  shawmark-2022-Inspiration-1TheBalanced.png

Balanced. By design. Create home spaces with colors that nourish mind and spirit. 
Self-improvement yields true contentment. The shift in mindset has people completely rethinking their space.  

soothing | minimal | ethereal | calm | cool | subdued | futuristic | wellness 

  • Minimalism allows flexibility of space for work, play, fitness 

  • A clutter-free environment allows the consumer to focus on peace of mind and body. 

  • Color scheme reflects calm and cool shades found in nature 

  • The balanced home is an early adopter of smart home technology 

  • Flooring is subtle and calm with the exception of natural texture and pattern mimicking nature